Land Ho!

This drawing is different than my usually drawing.  It was in my head, and thought of different things to do with it, but the original idea won.  I did use a variation of Ian Sonnermoser’s pattern Metal Plating.

I do not have an underlying desire to be on a boat, maybe a beach, but not a boat.


Mandala Reflection

This drawing is named Mandala Reflections because it show variations of some of the Zentangles and other patterns I enjoy drawing.  The Zentangles are: Festone, Shattuck, Ornamato, Finery.  The pattern One Two-Three was created by Silke Wagner, which is a enjoyable design.  The center pattern, is just a reflection for several other patterns.

The design was done on a 4.65 inch tile with Mircon pens.  Color was added with Prismacolor pencils and black glitter gel pen.


Sprig of Spring

Sprig of Spring was done on 3 1/2 inch Studio Series Artist’s Tile, using Faber Castell Pitt pens and Prismacolor Color Pencils.

I have been trying to do a drawing every day, since November.  Some days the drawings are decent, some day they are not.  And, a few days they were so bad, that they could only be saved by adding color.


My daily drawing started with the book “One Zentangle a Day”.  This is not a true Zentangle, but it does incorporate some of the elements.  I like the Studio Artist Series Tile for the following reasons:  1) they are inexpensive, and 2) ink, water color, and pens tend not to bleed.


Streaking is a fluid painting on a 4×4 inch canvas.  First, the canvas was dipped into the left over paint from my previous pour, Confusion on Blue.  I then poured a mixed of dark blue and light green randomly over the canvas.  Afterwards, I put drops of light pink and light purple paint on the canvas.  Using a coffee stirrer, I swirled the paint around.  I was going to tilt the canvas in multiple directions, but I like how it was looking.


This is my last pour painting until I get my canvas stand designed and printed.  I hope the stand will improve the air flow around the canvas allowing for better drying.

Becoming Yellow

Today’s 4×4 inch fluid painting is named, Becoming Yellow.  The feature colors are:  white, bright yellow, light yellow, golden straw, and orange.  This painting may become the background from something else in the future, but first it needs to dry.


Hearts on Fire

This fluid painting in named Hearts on Fire.  The red and yellow heart looking designs were created by dripping paint on the pour and blowing through a small straw (coffee stirrer).


The background colors were layered using my 3d printed object in the order from bottom to top; black, Tahiti blue, white, Tahiti blue, with dots of red and yellow on top.

Ghost Paws

This Fluid Painting is named Ghost Paws.  I see a white dog to the upper center left and other areas of the painting looks paw prints.


First I put a layer of white paint on the canvas and layered the paint with black, blue (Tahiti Blue), white, black, and blue.  I used the 3D printed object to layer the paint.