Fluid Painting – First Video


This is my first attempt at filming my pour painting.  I only used a 4″ x 4″ canvas.  Since it was a small painting, I used the 2 oz bottles of acrylic paint, mix with Floetrol with a drip of silicone to provide the cells.

The colors used were pink, light purple, light blue, red with a hint of black, black and white.


The video is below.  Please ignore were the painting falls over.  A Styrofoam cup is the perfect size to place on the back, between the frame, to hold the canvas off of the surface for dripping.  On the plus side, it spread the paint evenly on that side.

The end result.  I hope that is dries this pretty.


After the painting dripped on the plastic, it had a nice design.  I grabbed another canvas and dipped it into the paint.  Below is the result.  It can always be used for one of my tangle drawings.