Sketch Book – Volume One

My sketch book is full of drawings.  At least one practice drawing daily for 4 months.  To celebrate, I drew on the cover.  Some of the drawing are good.  Some of the drawing are poor.  It is now a good reference if I need a idea or a pattern.


New sketch book start tomorrow.


Mini Mandi Star

It’s Spring.  It’s Easter week.  Most pastel colors to celebrate.


This mini mandala was done on a Studio Series Artist tile using a compass, protractor, ruler, mechanical pencil, and Sakura gel pens.



Lollipop Forest

I don’t know why lollipops popped into my head.  Maybe it is Easter week.  Maybe I just left the candy isle at the store.  Or, maybe…


Drawn on a Zentange tile with Pigma Micron pen and colored with Prismacolor pencils.