Praise in the Park (2015)


George County, MS population is around 23,000.  Lucedale, MS population is approximately 3,000.  Residence of Lucedale, MS, for twelve years, have been putting on the event Praise in the Park.  This year I attended this event.

The festivities started at 11 a.m.  However, the gates to the park did not open until 3 p.m.  Outside the park, along the city’s street were vendor’s booths.  Over half of the booths were selling food, with the other booths selling a variety of merchandise.  What is unique about these vendors booths were most of them are church groups raising money for their youth programs.  One youth group came from Livingston, Louisiana to sell Jambalaya.

Rocky Creek Baptist Church from Lucedale, sold Chick-fil-a sandwiches and housed the group from Livingston.


People started lining up before 11 a.m. to enter the park.  It was a beautiful day to sit outside or walk around the City of Lucedale.  Just a little note, if you want a Blooming Onion, get it early or else be prepare to stand in line with a hundred people.


When the gates opened, the crowd that waited so patiently, entered the park orderly; with no pushing, no screaming, and no running, and found them a place to sit in the park.  Since it is a park, you saw kids playing on the playground and throwing footballs.


Musical groups One Step Closer, John Gees, and Carrollton were first to take the stage.  As the sun began to set, Lauren Daigle took the stage.



The headlining group for this year’s Praise in the Park was Casting Crowns.  They performed some of their most popular songs and shared with the crowd that each of their songs has a story behind it.



The best quote of the day was: “Adults are just teenagers with bills.”  Mark Hall, Casting Crowns.

It is amazing what happens when 1,000s of believers get together.

Homecoming – 2015

I haven’t been to a Homecoming since I was in High School. They do things differently in a small southern town. Yes, Homecoming is still a big deal! And, like most schools a week long event, at least.

To start the Homecoming festivities, I attended the pep rally, but only to support the little clarinet player shown in the bottom right. Yes, every picture I have seen her playing in, she is standing in that exact position.



About half a dozen of the Cheerleaders were in the Homecoming court. Even though the cheerleaders was not very impressive during the pep rally, they stood out during the game. They cheered constantly with big smiles on their faces. I am disappointed I did not get a picture of them during the game.


It surprised me, during the pep rally, that all the girls is the court were not wearing a dress. But, things change over time. When I was in High School, the Homecoming Court was just a popularity contest. But, ever single girl on this court earn their spot. They had a long list of accomplishments including serving in clubs and doing charity work. The court include a girl with down syndrome, but she also earn her spot by being a member of the dance team and serving in several clubs.


I didn’t take any pictures of the football game. I was there to support the band. Who did a awesome job at half time.


Texas Renaissance Festival – 2015

The Texas Renaissance Festival kicked off it’s 41st year and I was there on opening day with thousands of other attendees and performers.

The gates to the festivities.

The gates to the festivities.

Note: If you enter the Festival by yourself, you are not accosted to by the Festival photographers to have your picture taken. But, if you are dressed in costume you are asked politely by attendees to have your photo taken.


All the shows I attended was very entertaining.  The performance by the Queen’s Guards was one of the best.

We must protect the Queen!

We must protect the Queen!


The Joisting show was entertaining, but the funniest part was at the end of the show where the ring leader’s horse threw him and after a short attempt to calm the horse, the horse ran out of the ring following the other horses.



We cheered for England!

When there is a Doctor Who reference on the side of the haunted house, it is a must see.





Stuhr Museum of the Prairie Pioneer

The Stuhr Museum, located in Grand Island, NE, was established in 1961.  Since then it has been collecting and restoring objects and information related to the Nebraska prairie life between the time period of 1840 – 1920.  I have been to other living history museums and this one is one of the best.

In their main building they have objects which takes you through the history of prairie life in Nebraska.

Stuhr Museum Main Building

Stuhr Museum Main Building



Outside the main building you will find ducks and fish swimming in the pond.





There is a garden you can walk through to access the Railroad Town. If you go during the last spring or summer, you can see the daylilies in bloom.



While visiting the Stuhr Museum, don’t miss Railroad Town.  It has old trains to tour and numerous historical buildings that has been preserved.  If you visit on the correct days, you can see demos from the hat maker, blacksmith, tin smith and carpenter.  There are several houses you can tour.






While visiting the Railroad Town, stop by the General Store for some handmade items and the Restaurant for some ice cream.

As you are exploring Stuhr Musuem, watch you step there are many of ducks and goose around.