Holy Family Shrine

The Holy Family Shrine is in Gretna, Nebraska, which is locate outside of Omaha.  During my trips to and from Omaha I saw this awesome building sitting up a on hill.  I immediately wanted to visit it.

Later, while looking for places to visit in Nebraska, I saw this building listed and learned its name and found its website: Holy Family Shrine.  After many months, with travel arrangement changing,  I finally made a trip to the Nebraska Crossing Outlet Mall and a visit to the Shrine was only five minutes away.


There is a fountain in the gift shop with water trickling down.  A stream runs from the fountain, out the doors, down a path, and through the Shrine.


The Shrine is located on a hill surrounded by fields.


It was beautiful. Even on the cold, cloudy, gray day when I visited the Shrine.

Inside the Shrine wasn’t fancy. But, who needs fancy when you have such a magnificent view.

Things You Find In Antique Shops

One of the nice things about Grand Island, NE is the downtown area.  It is not very big, but it has several nice places to visit, such as: The Chocolate Bar a coffee bar and pub, Kindred a boutique, Majestic Treasures a Christian book store, and The Tattered Book a used book store.  Plus it has a least a half dozen antique shops with over 50 vendors selling their treasures.

Here are some of the interesting items I found at the antique shops:

One: The almost perfect Christmas tree.


Two:  Who remembers Woolworth?  You probably know someone that has some of these in their attic or basement.


Three:  Ironing board.  I guess the newer models are not good enough.


Four:  Doll in poofy dress for all princesses.


Five: A poofy dress.  I don’t think the hat matches.


Six:  A rusty armor suit.  Priced at $250, which is a little cheaper than item seven.


Seven:  It is not even in mint condition.


Eight:  Skates!  Yes, Skates.  Shoes required.  When you fall, you can use item seven.


Nine: Wind Vane


Ten:  Not sure of it’s purpose, but he is too cute not to be on sell.


Silhoutte Curio – My First Card Atempt

I would like to say the failure of this card resides in total, utter, and shear laziness.  My laziness.  I should have taken more time with the card.  But, this is what I learned in making of this card.


The background of the card was done in Corel Draw.  It is just a rectangle with a fill image I found searching for “cupcake.”  It was printed on photo paper.  Everything else done with Silhouette Studio and the Curio Cutting Machine.

The “Happy Birthday” part was designed in the Silhouette Studio.  I was able to place the text in the design, then I drew a copy of rectangles.  I used the Curio to cut the rectangles from cardstock and the Curio Sketch pens to write-out “Happy Birthday!”  I do like the sketch pens and I am impressed with their colors.

What I should have done for the “Happy Birthday” banner was to either have the Curio cut each letter or created a different type of banner.  Maybe one that outlined the “Happy Birthday!”  Why didn’t I?  At that time, I didn’t want to have to glue each letter onto the card.

The cupcake turned out nice.  However, this was an image I got from Silhouette for free.  It should had some sparkles.

The inside part.  Again laziness.


The text was another image from Silhouette.  I failed in putting the image on paper and creating the border.  I probably could have done a better job in cutting out the text by hand.  The text should have been printed directly on the card using the sketch pens.  And, if I would have added a few cupcakes to the inside of the card it would have been a nice touch.

After I glued everything onto the card, the card warped.  The card is now in the garbage can where it belongs.  Don’t use photo paper for the base of card. I am now working on another card.  No laziness allowed.