Gradient Flower Vases

I can’t believe I am finally posting a couple of my vases. They have been done for over a year; sitting, waiting for their pictures to be taken so I could show them off in my blog. Other items were finished and posted after these vases were made. I thinks they are camera shy and hid everything I went to take pictures.

Some of my favorite flowers are the one that has multiple colors, especially the ones that go from yellow, to orange, to pink. My mother grew roses that were those colors and I thought they were absolutely beautiful.

I covered two glass vases with black Sculpey polymer clay. I blended yellow, red, and hot pink polymer clay and cut out each petal and center circles. I placed each petal on top of the black clay to make the flowers. After the flowers were formed I stamped each petal. I didn’t glue the petals on because it is clay,. Polymer clay items will stick to each other. Afterward, I baked to vases in the 275 degree over for about 10 minutes. When outside temperature was above 70 degrees, sprayed the vases with several coats of Minwax Polycrylic

The vases are not identical, but they are simular.

The roses were also made from Sculpey polymer clay. One day I should capture how I make roses.

Audiobook Recommendation – August 2021

My list of recommended books for August 2021 is short than most because I am still not traveling long distances. I have noticed one distinct difference between Audiobook and Paperback books. Paperback books you always know when they are going to end. With Audiobooks, sometimes you get so into a book and when it ends, it comes at a complete surprise. This happened to me on several of these books.

One of the books this happened to me on was Mageblood: Mephisto’s Magic Online, Book 1, by Christopher Johns. I bow my head in shame that it took me over a year to start listening to Mageblood. It was an entertaining book. I have one major problem with it. It was something so unrealistic, I just could not believe the author put something like that in a book. How can the main character make a sandwich with leftover bacon? Leftover bacon does not exist in this world or any world.

Here is the list of my recommendations. They are not in any particular order:

Christopher Johns

  • Mageblood: Mephisto’s Magic Online, Book 1

Scott Meyers

  • Grand Theft Astro

Dakota Krout

  • Something: Full Murderhobo, Book 1
  • Inflame: The Completionist Chronicles, Book 6

Xander Boyce

  • Tallrock: A Fantasy LitRPG Adventure (Farming Livia, Book 1)

Luke Chmilenko

  • Glory to the Brave: Ascend Online, Book 4

Dennis E. Taylor

  • Heaven’s River: Bobiverse, Book 4 – This book was the weakest of all the books. But, I could have just been my issue. I could not get over how an author could end a book series, a big announcement it would be the last book, and then write another book. Note: It did make it on the list.

I borrowed the logo from Mountaindale Press for this post, because most of the books I have listened to in the past eight months have been published by Mountaindale Press. The logo was designed by on of their authors, which is so cool. When I looking for a new book, I look at books published by Mountaindale Press first. Every books I have listened that was published by them has been worth my time.

Thing You Find In An Antique Store – Toys

I haven’t traveled very much since COVID, but I do live in a town with numerous Antique Stores. It is always fun to visit these stores capture photos of old interesting items.

This is a Fisher Price Tutor house. It dates back to the 1960’s. The selling price on Etsy ranges for $35.00 to $150.00. If you can not have a real doll house, why not own a plastic one.

Fisher Price Tutor House

Any child’s collection is not complete without the Fisher Price barn. Or, parents purchased the barn because all kids loved playing with animals. On Etsy this item is price between $12.00 and $90.00.

Fisher Price Barn

The Fisher Price School house. I know as a kid, we regularly played school. Our tiny desks were suppose to be for homework, but it was a convenient prop to play school. On Etsy this antique is priced between $16.00 and $60.00. This one is probably cheaper because I do not see little people.

Fisher Price School

Most people have heard the poem “The Old Women Who Lived in a Shoe”. Fisher Price made a shoe based on that poem. One of the benefits of the toy, it allowed children to practice tying shoes. Etsy has it priced around $15.00. The old women is priced at $8.00.

Fisher Price Old Women Who Lived in a Shoe

The Fisher Price Telephone, like the shoe, it came with a string so kids could pull it along. The condition of this toy, make $16.50 a little over priced.

Fisher Price Telephone

The Fisher Price Goldilocks and Three Bears Playhouse. It came with a key to unlock the house. It is a rare item on Etsy, there is only four of these for sale.

Fisher Price Goldilocks and Three Bears House.

The last toy I found was the Fisher Price Hickory Dickory Clock.

Railroad Town Sheriff’s Office

Once I had designed a Saloon and a Bank for my Railroad Town, I thought was necessary for some law enforcement to be available to handle nasty situations. The Sheriff’s Office was created. I wanted the give the building a log cabin feel. Iron doors were placed on the cell and the front entrance just in case the Sheriff was called away. A small storage area was create on the roof with a ladder leading up. It also provided another means for escape, if there is a problem. The Sheriff needed a desk and note the gun rack. There is no guns in the building when the Sheriff is not present. Please don’t look in the bucket in the cell.

This building was designed using Tinkercad. Click here If you would like to see the 3d design: Sheriff Office

Beware of Fraud

Last night I got the text message shown below. It is obviously fraud. They want you to click the link so they can: a) steal your data; b) install malware, ransomware, and/or a virus on your device; or c) sell you something.

How do I know it is fraud: First, I don’t have a Debit card with Chase. Second, none of the financial institutions I deal with send text messages with a 10 digit number. Third, there is a space before the semi-colon. Fourth, I get text messages and notifications every time a charge is made on my card.

How can you protect yourself? Never click on a link in a text message. If you are worried about your account, go directly to the website or log on to their app. Get notified when charges are made on your card. You maybe able to detect fraudulent charges before the financial institution.