Sketch Book – Volume One

My sketch book is full of drawings.  At least one practice drawing daily for 4 months.  To celebrate, I drew on the cover.  Some of the drawing are good.  Some of the drawing are poor.  It is now a good reference if I need a idea or a pattern.


New sketch book start tomorrow.


Luke 23:44

This is not technically a pour painting.  It is a painting I dip into the paint after I did a pour on other canvas.  It has been curing while I been deciding what to paint on the top.  Probably because it is the Easter season, I had this idea.


I originally was only going to paint the crosses in black, but a dark gray and chocolate brown was sitting right next to the black.  Two feet over, the gray-blue was sitting there.  I looked at them and knew that would work.

3D Printing – The Easter Egg

Yesterday, I designed an Easter Egg using Tinkercad.  Today, I printed the Easter Egg.  Creating the Egg in Tinkercad is easy.  They have a egg object.  Hollowing out the egg is easy; copy egg, reduce the size, make it a hole, align the solid egg with the hole egg, and group.


Making the two egg halves with the crack was more complicated than making the chick.  The chick is two circles for the body, two circles for the eyes, two flatten and stretched trapezoid for the wings, the heart shape for the head, and Tinkercad’s  chicken foot object for the feet.

To see how I created the crack in the egg, check it out here.  Note:  I am working on other cool chicks, so the design my change.


I probably could have made the chicken bigger, maybe I will.


The egg was printed on Ultimaker 2+ printer.  I read that beta version of the Cura Software allows more control over supports.  Yay!

Tinkercad – the free, online 3D CAD app

Mini Mandi Star

It’s Spring.  It’s Easter week.  Most pastel colors to celebrate.


This mini mandala was done on a Studio Series Artist tile using a compass, protractor, ruler, mechanical pencil, and Sakura gel pens.



Lollipop Forest

I don’t know why lollipops popped into my head.  Maybe it is Easter week.  Maybe I just left the candy isle at the store.  Or, maybe…


Drawn on a Zentange tile with Pigma Micron pen and colored with Prismacolor pencils.

Blanket Weave

Blanket Weave, because is just looks so comfy.  It is based on Karenann Young’s Weave pattern (Joy of Zentangle) and Zentangle pattern Bales.


Drawing was done on a white Studio Series Artist tile using many different pens.  Prismacolor pencil was used to outline the red areas.  I read that using a color pencil will help prevent color from markers, especially alcohol markers, from bleeding into other areas.  Chameleon Pens were used in the red area from shading and the area outside the center area for shading and the border.  Pigma Micron and Sakura pens were used for drawing the lines.  Faber Castell Pitt Pens were used for some of the shading.  An easer and blender were used to soften the color pencil lines.

Note about Chameleon pens:  I have not gotten the hang of them yet.  They tend to bleed through most paper, so use a piece of paper behind the art work.  The markers will bleed badly, unless you use paper designed for alcohol markers.  They do shade well and they were a life saver on my Christmas Card project.

Blooming Into Spring

It’s spring! To celebrate here is little touch of spring.

Drawn on a Studio Series Artist Tile using Micron pens. Colored with cheap gel pen because I had places to be and things to do. See it’s a pretty day. The gel pen are probably going in the garbage because I can not trust them to do their job.

I see I missed some swirlies. I will add them tomorrow.