Historic Natchez Cemetery

Most of the homes around Natchez, MS, last tour is a 4:30 p.m.  So, what do you do after you walk around downtown and view the Mississippi River?  Yes, you go to the cemetery.

The Historic Natchez Cemetery was established in 1822 high on the bluff overlooking the Mississippi River.

I do not have any known relative or friend buried here. But, there is a lot of history on these grounds.






Rosalie Plantation

What do I remember about Rosalie? It is located in Natchez and overlooks the Mississippi River. The walk around Rosalie was beautiful; tree lined paths and flowering plants.  The original owners built it on the property that once held Fort Rosalie and decided to keep the name.

I remember most the gardener putting down mulch and playing with the sundial.  The gardens were beautiful.







Natchez, Mississippi

I have driven through Natchez, Mississippi many times while heading to North Louisiana.  Mostly, stopping at the McDonalds for a quick break.  I always loved the tree lined view on John R. Junkin drive, and wanted to see more of the city.

Natchez, is located on the East side of the Mississippi River.  Vidalia, Louisiana is directly across the river on the west side.


Selecting pictures to add in the blog post was difficult, because Natchez is a beautiful city with a lot of history.



I could have spent the entire day, looking over the Mississippi River.  If you never have seen the Mississippi River in the Southern States, it is an amazing site.



This is a newer building overlooking the Mississippi.  I share it because the famous restaurant, Cock of the Walk, was located.


Even their Court House is a vision.


In other blog posts, I will cover some of the places I visited while staying in Natchez, MS.

Homecoming – 2015

I haven’t been to a Homecoming since I was in High School. They do things differently in a small southern town. Yes, Homecoming is still a big deal! And, like most schools a week long event, at least.

To start the Homecoming festivities, I attended the pep rally, but only to support the little clarinet player shown in the bottom right. Yes, every picture I have seen her playing in, she is standing in that exact position.



About half a dozen of the Cheerleaders were in the Homecoming court. Even though the cheerleaders was not very impressive during the pep rally, they stood out during the game. They cheered constantly with big smiles on their faces. I am disappointed I did not get a picture of them during the game.


It surprised me, during the pep rally, that all the girls is the court were not wearing a dress. But, things change over time. When I was in High School, the Homecoming Court was just a popularity contest. But, ever single girl on this court earn their spot. They had a long list of accomplishments including serving in clubs and doing charity work. The court include a girl with down syndrome, but she also earn her spot by being a member of the dance team and serving in several clubs.


I didn’t take any pictures of the football game. I was there to support the band. Who did a awesome job at half time.