Amazon Echo Show Privacy Shield

I do not believe that Amazon is spying on us, but there are a numerous hackers in the world.  And, getting dressed in front of a camera….

This privacy shield is for the Amazon Echo Show to cover the camera.  It will put the device to sleep because it can not detect movement in the room.   You can still access the three buttons on top of the device with the shield installed.



The Camera is in the top center of the device.


I put “Alexa” on the shield because that is the wake up word for the AI.


This gadget was made with Tinkercad, and is published on Thingiverse and YouMagine.

Tinkercad, the free, online 3D design and 3D printing app.

Primary Circles

This drawing was done on a Studio Series Artist 3.5 inch tile with Micron Pens and Gel Pens.


It is what I imaging when I tried to this pour painting by dripping colors onto the canvas.


What I learned:  The yellow, red, and blue paint was probably heavier than the black metallic paint, it caused the heavier paint to sink to the bottom on the canvas.  The floor area where I let the painting dry, must be a little slanted because the paint always seemed to flow in that direction.


It all started on Facebook and someone saying “Do you remember…”  Yes, I do remember Clackers, they were fun to play with, but dangerous (will at least in today’s world.)  We would get hit with one or both of the glass balls and go ouch or whoops.  However, in today’s world, they are safer than the Tide Pod challenge.

My 3D printer and I were not getting along, so we both took a break from each other.  After the Facebook posting, I decided it was time to put the print back to work.  And, one of the simplest thinks to design and print would be a ball with at hole in the middle.

I used Tinkercad to design it.  5cm ball with a hole in the middle.  I then did the thing I been regretting for a while, I cleaned, oiled and balanced the printer.  The first print failed, the item was not adhering to build plate.  Failure.  I rebalanced the build plate.  Failure.  I removed the build plate and cleaned it with soap and warm water and rebalanced the build plate.  Success, I had one ball for my clackers, so I printed a second one.

The string is only nylon string with a loop tied at the top and a knot at the end of each ball.

My family have official declared me weird.


The S Tangle

This wasn’t the pattern I was going to draw today.  I opened my sketchbook that I been using to document various patterns and my ideas for patterns, and the book opened directly to this S pattern.  I have a lot of experience writing S’s and drawing S’s.


The design was done on a 3.5 inch Studio Series tile with Micron Pitt Pens and watercolor pencils.

Pastel Dreams

Someone’s beautiful painting using the Dot Art, or Pointillism, technique show up on one of my news feed today.  It inspired me to create a drawing using circles.

This is a drawing was done on a 3.5 inch Studio Series Artist’s tile using Sakura Gelly Roll pens and Sakura Soufflé pens.