Art of Concentration: Day 5

Take a look at the Circle and Swirl line drawing shown below.  This drawing presents an optical illusion.  Why?  The circles appear to be ovals.  They are circles which are drawn off center from each other that gives the illusion.

AofC circle swirl 2

The Art of Concentration rules are:

  1. Draw lines on a page.  Circles, squares, squiggly lines, it does not matter.
  2. Color every other section.  Start anywhere.  Use any color.
  3. If you desire, use multiple colors.  Sections of the same color can not touch.

AofC circle swirl 2 color alt1

I normally do not color in the order as shown in a rainbow.  I normally color using the color wheel.   I will pick a color. Sometimes I go around the color wheel, at other times I will go across the color wheel (complementary colors).  Sometimes my colors are in harmony and sometimes they are contrasting.

On the Circle and Swirl line drawing I used colors that were next to each other on the color wheel.  Except for black.  Black is not a color, black lacks light and color.

AofC circle swirl 2 color alt2

With this hand drawing, I did not break rule 3.  None of the same color sections are touching.  It was done on a Studio Series Artist Tile using Sakura Gel Pens.  Colored with Prismacolor pencils.


Color Goes Round

Click here to download a PDF copy of today’s Circles and Swirl.  It is also available on the Coloring Page.