Circles Make Flower

There are 25 circles which makes this flower drawing.  It was colored in a pattern.  Can you tell what the pattern was?


The drawing was done on a Studio Series Artist tile with Faber Castell Pitt Pen and Prismacolor pencils.

The pattern was two part:  Areas that do not overlap, were not colored; and the lighter shades of colors were connected.

Saddle with at Twist

Today’s design inspiration comes from a saddle.  Yes, the thing you sit on when you ride a horse.  No, I did not ride a horse.


Saddle with a Twist

I started with creating the drawing below in Corel Draw.  The saddle looked like the design was punched into it, so I tried to add depth.  The line drawing is available for download on the Coloring page.  I have increased the available drawing size from 3.5″ to 7″ because of the detail.

saddle one color


Indian Flower Design

The inspiration for today drawing comes from an Indian pottery dish that I saw at a museum.  It was done on a white Studio Series Artist Tile with Faber Castell Pitt pens and watercolor.


Indian Flower One

I ran out of time trying to recreate the design on the computer, but I did enjoy coloring what I created.

indian attempt one

Art of Concentration: Day 9

Today’s Art of Concentration drawing is more typical of the drawing I used to do in meetings and classes.  It wasn’t anything too complicated, just some lines and occasionally other objects.

Remember you can do these types of drawing on any size of paper from “Post-It” note size to letter size, or larger.  If you create them using ruled paper, you already have some lines premade.

The line drawing:

AofC flower mess

The Art of Concentration rules are:

  1. Draw lines on a page.  Circles, squares, squiggly lines, it does not matter.
  2. Color every other section.  Start anywhere.  Use any color.
  3. If you desire, use multiple colors.  Sections of the same color can not touch.

The first object created was the flower and than squiggly lines added.  Notice the top left of the circle in the middle of the page.  There are more than two section that are touching.  The rule “Section of the same color can not touch” will not work here.  To solve that dilemma, I used multiple colors.

AofC flower mess color 1 The flower petals were done in a deep red and white.  The center and background was done in black and white.   It doesn’t even look like a circle.  That is why I named today’s hand drawing “Squid”.  Looking at if after is was done, it looked more like a squid then a flower.



Squid was done on a black Studio Series Artist tile using Sakura gel pens.

The line drawing was done in Corel Draw and exported as a bitmap to color using Microsoft Paint.  I decided to use three colors and black on the second drawing with white line.

AofC flower mess color 2

Click here to download a PDF version of the line drawing.  All of the line drawing are available on the Coloring Page.