Art of Concentration: Day 4

The Art of Concentration can be a game, and it can a experience in the creation of art. The purpose is to help you focus while creating a masterpiece.

The rules are:

  1. Draw black lines on a page.  Circles, squares, squiggly lines, it does not matter.
  2. Color every other section.  Start anywhere.  Use any color.
  3. If you desire, use multiple colors.  Sections of the same color can not touch.

Circles and Swirls is probably one of the easiest, even though it may look complicated.  Today, was the first day, I did not turn the tile over and start again on the reverse side.

AofC circle swirl

This is a fun line drawing.  For today’s coloring, I decided to use the same line drawing to create two pieces..  One, I did in gray scale.  The other was colored in shades of red.  Yes, I believe pink to be a shade of red.

circle swirl color 1

The grayscale version appears to me that everything is falling into a funnel.  Where the shades of red piece, has a different effect.  Both were created in Corel Draw, export as a bitmap, and colored in Microsoft Paint.

circle swirl color 2

My hand drawn piece was done on a Studio Series Artist tile with brush marker and a Micron pen.


Swirl to Purple

Click here to download a PDF copy of today’s Circles and Swirl.  It is also available on the Coloring Page.