Sunrise, from Hotel Parking Lots

Some people stay at a hotel until it is time to check out.  Me I wake up and get going.  One of benefit is I get to see a lot of sunrises.  Here are the pictures I took from the hotel parking lot.  I saw a bunch more sunrises.  No pictures because I was driving.



Rock City

Rock City is located in Minneapolis, Kansas. The huge rocks are sandstone concretions. It a nice area, but bring your insect spray and use it. It located in a field ripe with big rocks and tiny bugs.








Stuhr Museum of the Prairie Pioneer

The Stuhr Museum, located in Grand Island, NE, was established in 1961.  Since then it has been collecting and restoring objects and information related to the Nebraska prairie life between the time period of 1840 – 1920.  I have been to other living history museums and this one is one of the best.

In their main building they have objects which takes you through the history of prairie life in Nebraska.

Stuhr Museum Main Building

Stuhr Museum Main Building



Outside the main building you will find ducks and fish swimming in the pond.





There is a garden you can walk through to access the Railroad Town. If you go during the last spring or summer, you can see the daylilies in bloom.



While visiting the Stuhr Museum, don’t miss Railroad Town.  It has old trains to tour and numerous historical buildings that has been preserved.  If you visit on the correct days, you can see demos from the hat maker, blacksmith, tin smith and carpenter.  There are several houses you can tour.






While visiting the Railroad Town, stop by the General Store for some handmade items and the Restaurant for some ice cream.

As you are exploring Stuhr Musuem, watch you step there are many of ducks and goose around.


Natchitoches – The City of Lights

Today, my travels took me to Natchitoches, Louisiana.  It is called the City of Lights because at Christmas time they light up the city with thousands of lights.  Last year, 2014, they celebrated their 300 birthday.

They have a wonderful park located on the Cane River in their downtown historical district.  I walked by the shops, but many was closed today because of the Labor Day holiday.

Many Bed and Breakfast establishments are located in Natchitoches, but I choose to stay somewhere else.  One day, I will stay at a Bed and Breakfast.  But, it will be longer than just overnight and in either a Plantation or Castle.

Rogue House - Natchitoches

Rogue House – Natchitoches

Cane River

Cane River

Water Fall

Water Fall

Lunch was at Maglieaux on the Cane.  You can check out the review here: Maglieaux’s Review