Do You See?

After many days of heavy rain, the sun finally came out. I parked my car in front of a fence and noticed animals peering from the soaked fence.



Do you think the home owner would let me cut them from the wood?

Last one, eye.

Views From Atop of the Louisiana State Capitol

The current Louisiana State Capital building was built during the depression era to create jobs by Governor Huey P. Long. Long was later shot and killed inside the building.

It is the tallest capital building in the United States. The observation tower is located on the 24th floor and the elevator go to the 30th floor.

The view of the Mississippi River shows you just how mighty it is. LSU”s tiger stadium can be seen from the tower.

Before you plan your visit, keep in mind that I don’t think that the government wants you to visit downtown Baton Rouge. Security is so tight around the capital building you can no longer park near it. Almost every other parking spot is 2 hour paid parking unless you want to park in a garage and walk. Be prepare to have your possessions scanned and walk through a metal detector.

Traffic in Baton Rouge is horrendous and don’t even attempt to cross the bridge during the hours surrounding rush the hours.

Snowmageddon 2016

On February 1 and 2, 2016, the “Heartland of America” was hit with record snowfall for a 2 day period.  Grand Island, Nebraska was at the bulls eye of the storm.  It received 18.3 inches of snow with 45+ mph wind gust.  Here are a few pictures I took.

It is starting to snow.


7 a.m. Tuesday morning.  Don’t think I will be going out in that!



Lets explore!




Wednesday – will I be able to get my car in the garage?

That doesn’t look too bad.



Oh my!  Cold, cold hand!


This is going to be a challenge to get the car in the garage.


Making progress!




Thursday morning!  The snow removal guys came and clear the sidewalks and rest of driveway.  But, more snow.


Texas Renaissance Festival – 2015

The Texas Renaissance Festival kicked off it’s 41st year and I was there on opening day with thousands of other attendees and performers.

The gates to the festivities.

The gates to the festivities.

Note: If you enter the Festival by yourself, you are not accosted to by the Festival photographers to have your picture taken. But, if you are dressed in costume you are asked politely by attendees to have your photo taken.


All the shows I attended was very entertaining.  The performance by the Queen’s Guards was one of the best.

We must protect the Queen!

We must protect the Queen!


The Joisting show was entertaining, but the funniest part was at the end of the show where the ring leader’s horse threw him and after a short attempt to calm the horse, the horse ran out of the ring following the other horses.



We cheered for England!

When there is a Doctor Who reference on the side of the haunted house, it is a must see.