Sunrise, from Hotel Parking Lots

Some people stay at a hotel until it is time to check out.  Me I wake up and get going.  One of benefit is I get to see a lot of sunrises.  Here are the pictures I took from the hotel parking lot.  I saw a bunch more sunrises.  No pictures because I was driving.



Memphis, Tennessee

What is there to do in Memphis, Tennessee that doesn’t involve music, where you can take picture and be outside on a summer day?  After many web searches, I found it!  The Memphis Botanical Gardens.

This place was huge, several different gardens, lots of plants, and plenty of photos opportunities.  And, it was hot, but very quiet and relaxing.  There is plenty to see in the gardens.




Things You Find on the Side of the Road

This summer I traveled through most, if not all, of the States in the center of the country.  During these travels I found some interesting places.  First there was the Beef Jerky Outlet, my travel companion was in heaven.   Second interesting stop was Pickle Gap, AK.  If you need a Belly Button Lint Brush, they have it.

The third stop was a fruit stand on the side of US 49, somewhere in Mississippi.


The coffee cups do not belong to me.


A fake flying duck, is what everyone needs.






Alas, I could not purchase anything because my car was full of stuff.

While is Mississippi, I did stop by the beach.  It was cloudy, dreary day.  I did find sand and a few grains are probably in the car.



Art Show

I attended the Art Show of some very talented students from the Hall County area of Grand Island, NE. The event was held at the Sturh Museum. These are just a few of the hundreds items on display. Their parents and teachers should be proud.


The students put in a lot of time and effort on each piece.


The little added pieces provided an excellent enhancement.


Many of the students showed that they had a steady hand and a lot of patience.


Transforming one dot at a time into a work of art.


Even the creepy, crawly turned out beautiful.


Some pieces should their whimsical side.


Other pieces showed their creativity.