Holy Family Shrine

The Holy Family Shrine is in Gretna, Nebraska, which is locate outside of Omaha.  During my trips to and from Omaha I saw this awesome building sitting up a on hill.  I immediately wanted to visit it.

Later, while looking for places to visit in Nebraska, I saw this building listed and learned its name and found its website: Holy Family Shrine.  After many months, with travel arrangement changing,  I finally made a trip to the Nebraska Crossing Outlet Mall and a visit to the Shrine was only five minutes away.


There is a fountain in the gift shop with water trickling down.  A stream runs from the fountain, out the doors, down a path, and through the Shrine.


The Shrine is located on a hill surrounded by fields.


It was beautiful. Even on the cold, cloudy, gray day when I visited the Shrine.

Inside the Shrine wasn’t fancy. But, who needs fancy when you have such a magnificent view.