Paris, Texas

Paris, Texas is located in the northeast Texas just minutes from the Oklahoma border.  I have driven through Paris, Texas many time, even spend the night there once.  But, arriving after dark there was not much adventuring, just eating and sleeping.

On this trip, I decided to add Paris to my list of places to visit.  My only regret is, I didn’t spend enough time there.

I learned in 1916 there was a great fire that burned most of the city, 30 blocks.  Most of the downtown area was rebuilt in about a year.   That is why most of it’s architecture in from the 1916 period.



The fire spared the Sam Bell Maxey House, only touch the edge of the property.  After the fire, Mr. Maxey was a key figure in setting up the American Red Cross in Paris, Texas.


In 1993, Paris, Texas built their Eiffel Tower.  In 1998, they added a red cowboy hat to make the tower taller then Paris, Tennessee’s Eiffel Tower.


It is located next to their Veteran Memorial.


Texas Renaissance Festival – 2015

The Texas Renaissance Festival kicked off it’s 41st year and I was there on opening day with thousands of other attendees and performers.

The gates to the festivities.

The gates to the festivities.

Note: If you enter the Festival by yourself, you are not accosted to by the Festival photographers to have your picture taken. But, if you are dressed in costume you are asked politely by attendees to have your photo taken.


All the shows I attended was very entertaining.  The performance by the Queen’s Guards was one of the best.

We must protect the Queen!

We must protect the Queen!


The Joisting show was entertaining, but the funniest part was at the end of the show where the ring leader’s horse threw him and after a short attempt to calm the horse, the horse ran out of the ring following the other horses.



We cheered for England!

When there is a Doctor Who reference on the side of the haunted house, it is a must see.