Branson, Missouri

I spent less than 24 hours in Branson, Missouri.  It was a stop as I headed south.  Even though, I did not see any shows I did see some interesting items.

The first stop was the wax museum. Why is Jeannie so interesting? I just spent the last nine months with the TV tuned to I Dream of Jeannie to keep the morning news from ruining the day.


I did find some interesting items at Ripley’s Believe It Or Not.









The fountain at the Branson Landing were entertaining. A relaxing ending to a busy day.


Krispy Kreme Donuts!!!! Notice the sign that indicated HOT Donuts. As soon as I walked in the door the worker handed me a HOT donuts. That was the best donut that I have eaten in the past decade.


Logitech Harmony 1100 Remote

Logitech Harmony 1100 Remote

Logitech Harmony 1100 Remote

Several years ago, my husband gave me the Logitech Harmony 1100 Remote as a birthday present.  You are probably wondering why a wife would get such a gift.  Why didn’t he just purchase jewelry?  Well, you see we both are techies, and for years, both Christmas and Birthdays, I have been getting computers, hardware, software, and all kind of techie gifts.  Techie gadgets are some of the best gifts around.

During my move, I got rid of some TVs, and related devices, and got some new ones.  The time had come to reprogram my Logitech remote.  The computer that previously had the Logitech software on it died, shortly after the move, so it was necessary to reinstalled the software.

My Windows 8.1 PC was selected to have the Logitech install the software.  I went to and located the software for my remote.  It took some time to find because it wasn’t listed under the current models.

The software downloaded and installed without any issues.  The major issue was getting the Brand, Model Number, and Input off of three TVs, two Blu-ray’s, and two cable boxes (DVR Device).  This process was simple with the Samsung Smart TV.  If you access Support > Get Help from the menu, it provide the information.  The same was true for the Samsung Blu-ray’s.  For the other devices, I had to get my glasses and smart phone out to read the model numbers.  Its a good thing my smartphone camera has a good zoom.

The next step was programming the remote.  First define the devices.  That was easy because I took the time out to get the information before I started.  It basically prompted for the Brand and Model.  I made sure when I was setting up the cable boxes, to select the option “Never to turn off the device.”  This is important because I want it to record the shows I have programmed.  Then I renamed all the devices, because having three devices listed as TV gets very confusing.

Setting up the Activities was next.  An activity is something like “Watch TV”, “Play DVD”, etc.  This was the most time consuming part, because you have to think through the entire process.  I also selected to set up each activity manually because having so many devices, the remote software often selected the wrong device under automatic setup.  These are the typical steps for setting up most activities.

  1. What type of Activity?  “Watch TV”, “Play DVD”, “Play a Game”
  2. What device will you watch video on?
  3. What device will you use to control volume?
  4. What input should the device be set on?  AVI, Component ?, HDMI ?…
  5. Review this settings, are they correct?

I renamed each activity, after they were setup.  It has the same problem as the default device name.

After all the activities were setup, I rearranged all the activities.  They will appear on the remote in the order that they appear in the setup.

The next step was sending the programming to the remote.  I already had the remote plugged into the USB port on the computer, so pressing the send to remote button was all I had to do.  This process took several minutes to complete.

Finally, the testing mode.  It was unplugged from the USB and tested it on the devices.  It worked on all the TVs, Blu-ray’s, and the cable box stayed on.  However, it didn’t work on the XBox. But, I the program did warn me “You will not be able to control this device.”  Oh, well.  I will work on the XBox later.

Logitech recommends that you dedicate at least 30 minutes to setting up the remote.  My experience is that is takes about 10 minutes to install the program and another 10 minutes to set up each activity.  So, if you are going to be programming six activity, you should probably give yourself at least an hour and a half to setup the remote.

The only issue I have with the remote is that any movement causes the screen to come on.  I usually end up laying the remote face down when I am watching TV.

Connecting Laptop to TV with HDMI

Traveling again!  Many of the hotels of today (at least the ones I stay at) offer many cable TV choices, but you can not longer purchase in room movies.  And, since we are in the rerun season there is not much on TV.   Amazon Prime to the rescue.

I plugged in my Laptop to the TV using a HDMI cable.  Yes, the cable travels with me.  However, this was the first time connecting the TV since the Windows 10 upgrade.  Easy enough, it like plugging in a lamp to a power outlet.  Then I switch the input on the TV to HDMI 1.  Nope, no signal.  Then I tried HDMI 2.  That was the input.  My laptop is displaying on the TV.

I logged onto Amazon, selected a video, and clicked play.  Wait, the sound was only coming out of the laptop speakers.  I’ve checked the sound settings, and there is no HDMI listed there.  Let me try installing new device drivers.

Click Start -> Settings -> in the search bar type Device Manager -> expand Sound, video and game controllers -> and right-click on the first sound device -> click Update device driver -> select Search automatically for updated driver -> wait for driver to install and repeat these steps for other sound devices.

windows 10 device manager

After all the sound devices were updated, I rebooted the machine. It was like magic. My video now has sound coming from the TV.

Yes, I am using the Chrome browser.  Amazon’s Instant Video would not play in the Microsoft Edge Browser.  That is another adventure.