Windows 10 – The Upgrade Adventure


OK, I am a geek.  I have one desktop (only because the other desktop power supply went out and decided to get a new desktop once Windows 10 came out instead of fixing it), one all-in-one PC, two laptops, and two Android tables.  Yes, I am a geek.  Oh, and one Android phone.  You are probably wondering how can you be a geek without any Apple devices.  Well, I think that makes me more of a geek.  You see, I never wanted to be tied to the Apple Store.  But, I am off track.

Starting today, I am upgrading my little pink laptop, the one I mainly used when I am traveling, to Windows 10.  Since, I normally only turn it only when travel, I never clicked the “Get Windows” icon to sign the laptop up.  I don’t know if I need to do that, but I did and waited for five days for Microsoft to notify me that it was ready.  I’ve could have upgraded it using other methods, but I wanted to use the same method as the non-technical users.

Laptop Specs:

  • Sony Viao – 3.3 lbs. (that is irreverent)
  • Process: AMD E-250
  • RAM: 4GB
  • 64-bit processor

See, little laptop!

After Microsoft notified me the upgrade was ready, I clicked “I am ready, go get it” or something like that.  Then it prompted me to either schedule it or upgrade now.  I selected to upgrade now.  Then it started working and working.  An odd thing happened.  I got the message box wanted to reboot my PC because and update was just installed.  Well, duh, that is what I am doing.   It would not let me select the delay option, the only option was to “Restart Now!”  I rebooted my laptop.

After the laptop rebooted, I restarted the upgrade.  And, this time it gave me the “License Agreement” which I read in it entirety (yeah, right!)  The first part of the upgrade took about an hour.  This was running of the wireless extender.

Upon completion of the initial install, it prompted me to log in and then provided me with the opportunity to customize the setup.  Even thought I click the customized icon, nothing happened (or I was too impatient), so I click the quick customize.  I was going with this option any way since the majority of the Windows users would be taking this option.  The setup took about 10 minutes to run.  Now we are ready for some fun.

The first thing I noticed, once the setup finished, was the desktop looked about the same except with this ugly black bar at the bottom.  The second thing noticed, was Adobe Acrobat wanting to install another update.  Adobe you are like a virus, but I will save that rant for another day.  But, first thing first…

No, Windows you can not share my Wi-Fi password.  This especially important for Windows not to share my password when I am using my phone as a Hotspot.   Clicked Windows Icon -> Settings -> Network/Internet -> Manage Wi-Fi setting -> then turn off “Connect to suggested hotspots” and “Connect to networks shared by my contacts”.

Lets look at the new Edge Browser.  Norton (security software) immediately doesn’t like it because it does not support extensions.  And, prompts me to change my default browser to Chrome or Internet Explorer.  Not now Norton, and don’t bug me again.

The Microsoft Edge Welcome shows some of it features, such as: “Write on the web”, “Read Distraction Free”, and “Your built in personal assistant.”  I will have to explore theses later.  First I will import my browser favorite by click the link “Looking for your browser favorite?”  The screen just went blank.  Waiting, waiting, waiting….  Hmmm, guess it time for a hard shutdown (maybe just a little too impatient.)

The Windows 10 Adventure will need to end here for the day.  More to come later.

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