Junk Mail Beware

I use Microsoft Outlook for some of my email.  However, I have it set up to send almost everything (with a few exceptions) automatically to Junk Mail.  At last count, I have 680 items sitting in Junk Mail and that with Outlook deleting junk mail over 30 days old.

Daily I get at least one of these from Outlook:


Around 90% of the time, I click the button to tell Outlook whether or not it is Junk Mail.  If I have every done business with the person or company sending it, it is Not Junk.  Because of my settings, it will stay in the Junk Mail folder.  If it is not someone I remember, I flag it as junk.  If it is a really offensive or dangerous, I block the email sender or report it to Outlook as phishing.  This is my little way of getting even with all the Spammer out there.

It was not until today, I never read the response screen from Outlook.


I agree that spam is one of the great evils of this world. If you sent me some unsolicited, I will either block you or worst report you for phishing.

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