Things You Find In Antique Shops

One of the nice things about Grand Island, NE is the downtown area.  It is not very big, but it has several nice places to visit, such as: The Chocolate Bar a coffee bar and pub, Kindred a boutique, Majestic Treasures a Christian book store, and The Tattered Book a used book store.  Plus it has a least a half dozen antique shops with over 50 vendors selling their treasures.

Here are some of the interesting items I found at the antique shops:

One: The almost perfect Christmas tree.


Two:  Who remembers Woolworth?  You probably know someone that has some of these in their attic or basement.


Three:  Ironing board.  I guess the newer models are not good enough.


Four:  Doll in poofy dress for all princesses.


Five: A poofy dress.  I don’t think the hat matches.


Six:  A rusty armor suit.  Priced at $250, which is a little cheaper than item seven.


Seven:  It is not even in mint condition.


Eight:  Skates!  Yes, Skates.  Shoes required.  When you fall, you can use item seven.


Nine: Wind Vane


Ten:  Not sure of it’s purpose, but he is too cute not to be on sell.


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