3D Print – Passenger Car

This is the Passenger Car in my Train Series.


The wheel assemble was printed with the side shown on printer plate, which provided for the smooth finish.  I designed little lanterns and put them by the door on both ends of the car.


I designed the seating without the arm rails because I believed it may have been too delicate to provide a good result.


The train is now longer then the white cutter where I took the previous pictures. Soon, it will be too long for the shelf it is sitting on.  But, the wheels are spinning and the locking devices are functioning.


Object Size (W, D, H): 27.75, 146.43, 56 mm

I made the Passenger Car slightly longer than the Caboose.  The extra width was due to the roof over hang.

Passenger Train

Tinkercad – the free, online 3D CAD app

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