Recommended Audio Books

During the nice weather months, I am in my car a lot.  Last year, I started listening to audio books while driving.  Below is a list of my favorite.

  1. We Are Legion (We Are Bob), Bobiverse, Book 1 – Dennis Taylor
  2. For We Are Many, Bobiverse, Book 2 – Dennis Taylor
  3. All These Worlds, Bobiverse, Book 3 – Dennis Taylor
  4. 14 – Peter Clines
  5. The Fold – Peter Clines
  6. Paradox Bound – Peter Clines
  7. Hacker, The Outlaw Chronicles – Ted Dekker
  8. The Passage, Book 1 – Justin Cronin
  9. The Twelve (The Passage Trilogy),  Book 2 – Justin Cronin
  10. The City of Mirrors (The Passage Trilogy),  Book 3 – Justin Cronin
  11. The Graveyard – Neil Gaiman
  12. Will Save the Galaxy for Food – Yahtzee Croshaw
  13. The Time Keeper – Mitch Albom
  14. Forbidden, The Book of Mortal, Book 1 – Ted Dekker and Tosca Lee
  15. Mortal, The Book of Mortal, Book 2 – Ted Dekker and Tosca Lee
  16. Sovereign, The Book of Mortal, Book 3 – Ted Dekker and Tosca Lee
  17. Dead Men Can’t Complain and Other Stories – Peter Clines
  18. I Can Only Imagine: A Memior – Bart Millard

This list may change, since I am still listening and driving.  Currently, I listing to Scott Meyer’s book “Off To Be a Wizard”.   If the author keeps up the good work, it will make the list.

Ray Porter has become my favorite narrator, thanks to Bobiverse.  Searching for books narrated by Ray Porter is how I found Peter Clines’ books.

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