Audiobook Recommendation – August 2021

My list of recommended books for August 2021 is short than most because I am still not traveling long distances. I have noticed one distinct difference between Audiobook and Paperback books. Paperback books you always know when they are going to end. With Audiobooks, sometimes you get so into a book and when it ends, it comes at a complete surprise. This happened to me on several of these books.

One of the books this happened to me on was Mageblood: Mephisto’s Magic Online, Book 1, by Christopher Johns. I bow my head in shame that it took me over a year to start listening to Mageblood. It was an entertaining book. I have one major problem with it. It was something so unrealistic, I just could not believe the author put something like that in a book. How can the main character make a sandwich with leftover bacon? Leftover bacon does not exist in this world or any world.

Here is the list of my recommendations. They are not in any particular order:

Christopher Johns

  • Mageblood: Mephisto’s Magic Online, Book 1

Scott Meyers

  • Grand Theft Astro

Dakota Krout

  • Something: Full Murderhobo, Book 1
  • Inflame: The Completionist Chronicles, Book 6

Xander Boyce

  • Tallrock: A Fantasy LitRPG Adventure (Farming Livia, Book 1)

Luke Chmilenko

  • Glory to the Brave: Ascend Online, Book 4

Dennis E. Taylor

  • Heaven’s River: Bobiverse, Book 4 – This book was the weakest of all the books. But, I could have just been my issue. I could not get over how an author could end a book series, a big announcement it would be the last book, and then write another book. Note: It did make it on the list.

I borrowed the logo from Mountaindale Press for this post, because most of the books I have listened to in the past eight months have been published by Mountaindale Press. The logo was designed by on of their authors, which is so cool. When I looking for a new book, I look at books published by Mountaindale Press first. Every books I have listened that was published by them has been worth my time.

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