2022 Election Scam

Below is another text I received on my phone. Yes, I believe that hackers have my phone number from the Dark Web. How? There are numerous companies that have my contact information and a several of the larger companies had data breaches, such as T-Mobile, CafePress, LinkedIn, Android, Facebook… Those were just in 2021.

+1 (386) 297-5094

Message from Donald Trump Jr. -> I can't lie to you guys. This election is going to be a tough one so it is REALLY important we hear from you. We need you to take the Official 2022 Nationwide Census. Take 2 mins and get it done: https://winitback2022.org/r.wr?id=JW0FCe4l


This is why I believe it is a scam:

  1. The phone number: It a phone number, not a 5 digits text number. It has a +1 in from of the number. And, when I looked up the number it did not return a legitimate organization.
  2. The web site “winitback2022.org” was created on December 23, 2021.
  3. The web site is hosted by GoDaddy. Okay, that makes it appear to be more legitimate. But, the domains registrant’s contact information has been withheld.
  4. The domain was registered by: Domains By Proxy, LLC. If you look them up, you will find they have a very bad rating with the BBB (Better Business Bureau).
  5. Finally, there no Official 2022 Nationwide Census. The only official Census takes place every 10 years; 2000, 2010, 2020, 2030….

Again, don’t click any link in a text message. Don’t reply to a text message.

Next step, I will report it to GoDaddy as abuse.

14 thoughts on “2022 Election Scam

    • I got it today, but it had a caller ID of +1386-2975111 (Orlando) and my text reads “We’re GIVING UP, James [my name isn’t James]. We’ve texted you 7 TIMES asking you to take the GOP Poll Did Trump lose your support [he never had it]? Last chance:
      Obviously a malware hacker/scammer. Additionally it was received on cell phone. A federal no-no.

  1. Thanks for taking time to do all research I always do, & posting results. Such a time-saver! I received same text from +1 (561) 673-2673, linked to same website, except different after “id=”. Search of phone number only showed it’s from Palm Beach, FL. Obviously spam, number blocked. “Official Census…” confirmed text definitely a scam. I never click on links, & have only replied STOP to approx .000000001% of texts that included URLs of real entities. To determine whether or not to reply I searched using entire text. Your post was among 1st results, & gave info needed. As usual, DO NOT reply, & block url. Thanks again!

  2. I received this one yesterday as well, and they are definitely using “neighbor spoofing” for the phone number since my area code is 336 but I haven’t lived there in over a decade. That is immediately cause for concern, among all the other reasons you have covered. Keep us posted on the godaddy response.

  3. I received the same text a few minutes ago & was researching to check in if it is a scam/phishing & found your warning.
    Thank you so much!
    I don’t click or respond to unknown texts or emails either.

    Appreciate the alert!

  4. been getting a lot of pro trump b.s. we did not sign up for like the above, every couple of days with different phone numbers!!!

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