Do You See?

After many days of heavy rain, the sun finally came out. I parked my car in front of a fence and noticed animals peering from the soaked fence.



Do you think the home owner would let me cut them from the wood?

Last one, eye.

Baton Rouge Zoo – 2018

This is my first visit to the Baton Rouge Zoo since Bill Black, a.k.a. Buckskin Bill, passed away. He was a local celebrity that hosted a children show for decades. In the 1960s, he encouraged children to collect pennies to purchase an elephant because Baton Rouge needed a zoo. The kids collected enough pennies to buy two elephants. One of the elephants was named Penny.

The zoo no longer have elephants because the habit is not up to the new regulations. This has upset all the children that collected pennies.

Pickle Gap Village

Pickle Gap Village is located somewhere is Arkansas, near Conway I believe.  I had to stop there because of the name.  It was enjoyable and entertaining.



With a name like Pickle Gap, you would expect to find pickles every where.  Alas, pickle were only found in one barrel.  But, other interesting items were found.




Pickle Gap had a little play area and goats.  Please wash you hands after petting the goats.




The Baton Rouge Zoo

On Easter Sunday in 1970, the Baton Rouge Zoo first opened to the public. A lot of credit is due to Bill Black, a.k.a Buckskin Bill, who was a popular children’s TV host. He would end his program everyday saying “Baton Rouge needs a zoo.” He encourage children to collect pennies and donate them so the Zoo could purchase an elephant. The children would line up outside the studio to donate the pennies they collected. The campaign was so successful, the children collected enough money to buy two elephants. One of the elephants was named Penny.


There are currently no elephants at the zoo.  When one of the last two died, the other was ship off to another zoo so it would not be lonely.


The zoo is located in Louisiana, so of course, there are alligators.


This alligator look big and mean enough to go through the fence if he was hungry.


The trip to the zoo was worth it, just to get this picture.


I caught these birds doing… well I will give you a hint.  They are in a nest.


This little one decided to pose for me while I was standing there.



It a very pretty area.  A nice area to walk around, or take the train.


Purses I Did Not Buy

During a recent shopping trip, I stopped in at Dillard’s. These are just a few of the purses that I did not buy.

First a few bright and colorful purses.  Wait, I think I have a pair of shoes that matches the second one.


The telephone purse. That actually comes with the receiver that you can connect to your cellphone. It came in two styles.



The Octopus purse, which doesn’t look a thing like Octopussy.


A cocktail purse.  Cute but not refreshing.


Bring you flowers with you wherever you go with this bouquet purse.


A fish out of water!  Is it still a fish?


The Rabbit purse that comes with it’s own set of wheels to make a quick get away.


Piggy purse.


The Ice Cream truck, priced at $295.  And, it does not offer Strawberry or Chocolate.