Purses I Did Not Buy

During a recent shopping trip, I stopped in at Dillard’s. These are just a few of the purses that I did not buy.

First a few bright and colorful purses.  Wait, I think I have a pair of shoes that matches the second one.


The telephone purse. That actually comes with the receiver that you can connect to your cellphone. It came in two styles.



The Octopus purse, which doesn’t look a thing like Octopussy.


A cocktail purse.  Cute but not refreshing.


Bring you flowers with you wherever you go with this bouquet purse.


A fish out of water!  Is it still a fish?


The Rabbit purse that comes with it’s own set of wheels to make a quick get away.


Piggy purse.


The Ice Cream truck, priced at $295.  And, it does not offer Strawberry or Chocolate.


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