Thing You Find In An Antique Store – Toys

I haven’t traveled very much since COVID, but I do live in a town with numerous Antique Stores. It is always fun to visit these stores capture photos of old interesting items.

This is a Fisher Price Tutor house. It dates back to the 1960’s. The selling price on Etsy ranges for $35.00 to $150.00. If you can not have a real doll house, why not own a plastic one.

Fisher Price Tutor House

Any child’s collection is not complete without the Fisher Price barn. Or, parents purchased the barn because all kids loved playing with animals. On Etsy this item is price between $12.00 and $90.00.

Fisher Price Barn

The Fisher Price School house. I know as a kid, we regularly played school. Our tiny desks were suppose to be for homework, but it was a convenient prop to play school. On Etsy this antique is priced between $16.00 and $60.00. This one is probably cheaper because I do not see little people.

Fisher Price School

Most people have heard the poem “The Old Women Who Lived in a Shoe”. Fisher Price made a shoe based on that poem. One of the benefits of the toy, it allowed children to practice tying shoes. Etsy has it priced around $15.00. The old women is priced at $8.00.

Fisher Price Old Women Who Lived in a Shoe

The Fisher Price Telephone, like the shoe, it came with a string so kids could pull it along. The condition of this toy, make $16.50 a little over priced.

Fisher Price Telephone

The Fisher Price Goldilocks and Three Bears Playhouse. It came with a key to unlock the house. It is a rare item on Etsy, there is only four of these for sale.

Fisher Price Goldilocks and Three Bears House.

The last toy I found was the Fisher Price Hickory Dickory Clock.

Beef Jerky Outlet

When you traveling down the highway, and it time for a stop, when you notice a place named “Beef Jerky Outlet” you have your stopping location. Yes, they have beef jerky and plenty of other items.



Seasoning all the way from Ville Platte, Louisiana.


And, other hot stuff.


Items directly from a garden, some covered in chocolate.





But, I loved the shirts!



I wonder if they deliver.  It must to hard on McDonalds with this place being so close. 🙂


Pickle Gap Village

Pickle Gap Village is located somewhere is Arkansas, near Conway I believe.  I had to stop there because of the name.  It was enjoyable and entertaining.



With a name like Pickle Gap, you would expect to find pickles every where.  Alas, pickle were only found in one barrel.  But, other interesting items were found.




Pickle Gap had a little play area and goats.  Please wash you hands after petting the goats.




Purses I Did Not Buy

During a recent shopping trip, I stopped in at Dillard’s. These are just a few of the purses that I did not buy.

First a few bright and colorful purses.  Wait, I think I have a pair of shoes that matches the second one.


The telephone purse. That actually comes with the receiver that you can connect to your cellphone. It came in two styles.



The Octopus purse, which doesn’t look a thing like Octopussy.


A cocktail purse.  Cute but not refreshing.


Bring you flowers with you wherever you go with this bouquet purse.


A fish out of water!  Is it still a fish?


The Rabbit purse that comes with it’s own set of wheels to make a quick get away.


Piggy purse.


The Ice Cream truck, priced at $295.  And, it does not offer Strawberry or Chocolate.