Windows 10 – The Security Adventure

Windows 10 Users Account

During my exploration in the Microsoft Cortana, it prompted me to link my laptops  credentials with my Microsoft account.  I did.  No big deal.   I mainly only use this laptop when I am traveling, so I may want access to my Microsoft Apps from this device.  After the laptop was synced with the Microsoft Account, it prompted me to create a Pin.  Before I go through my experience of create and Pin and Picture password a little rant.

What I did not expect, once I linked the laptop to my Microsoft Account, it changed my background to this ugly yellow-gold background.  Looking at the Personalization settings (Right-click on desktop -> Personalization) under Themes -> Theme settings it had selected the Synced Theme.  Really, you just couldn’t keep the original theme?

What was even more unexpected?  Once synced, it changed my Windows 8.1 PC to the Synced Theme.  Really?  That is two PCs I had to change the Theme on.

Log on Credentials:

The current password to my laptop is my Microsoft Account’s password.  Lets add a Pin to the account.

Creating a Pin:

First lets ask Cortana to open the user account.  Nope, that didn’t work.  It opened Microsoft Edge Browser and did a search for user account.  To open user accounts select Start Button (Windows Icon) -> Settings -> Accounts -> Sign-in options.  Under Pin select Add.

Windows 10 Users Account Pin

Type in the Pin you would like to use.  It should be a 4 digit number.  I recommend not repeating a number or using a sequence number such as: “1111”, “1234”, “0000”, or “9876”.  Press OK.

I’ve locked my computer to test the Pin.  OK, I think I love this.  As soon as I typed in the last digit of the Pin, the computer unlocks.  I did not have to press the Enter key.  I know it is just one key.

Picture Password:

Now to setup a Picture Password.  This should be fun. From the Accounts/Sign-in Options select Add under Picture Password.

First it wants me to verify my account.  No problem, I will type in my Microsoft password.

Windows 10 Users Account Picture

Even though this is a nice picture, I think I want to use my own picture.  To change picture press the Choose picture button and find the picture you would like to use and press OK.  It will display the picture and you have the option to Use the picture or choose another.  I will be using the picture I found.  The next step, making the taps or gestures on the picture.

picture gesture 1 picture gesture 2

After I made my initial three gestures on the picture, the program prompted me to repeat the gestures.  Congratulation!  I have a picture password.  Let me lock the computer.

This is nice, but I think I like the Pin password better.  On the log-in screen, Windows 10 provides with the option of selecting what method you want to use to log-in: Picture, Password, or Pin.   You can select a different method and that will be the default method until you change the method.

Lock Screen:

If you scroll down on the Accounts/Sign-In options you will notice “Related settings”, under it there is “Lock screen”.  Let click on Lock screen.

I can select the Background for my Lock screen.  From the drop down list, I can either Windows spotlight, Picture, or Slideshow.  Under Picture, I can find a Picture on the device and use that for the lock screen.  Under Slideshow, I can select a directory or folder on the device and use all the pictures for the lock screen.  For this device, I will leave as the default.

The “+” under “Choose an app to show detailed status” let me select either None, Weather, Get Office, Calendar, or Xbox.

The “+” under “Choose apps to show quick status” has a few more options such as People, Alarms & Clock, Mail, and Store.

You do not have to select any, but I think I will select Weather for testing.

Screen Timeout Settings allows you to select when the screen will power off and the device will go to sleep.  It keep my settings from the before, so not changes there.

The Screen Saver Setting lets you specify what screen saver to use and how long the device is to wait with no activity before it locks.  By selecting Photos from the drop down list, you can tell it to show your photos.

I also recommend that you let Windows lock the device after a period of time.  This will help prevent unauthorized access to your device.  With the most innocent threat coming for friends and family thinking it would be funny to post something on your social media account a.k.a. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest.

The adventure will continue….

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