Xbox Games on Windows 10

windows 10 xbox

There are several Xbox games that I have on my Windows 8.1 PC.  Lets see what happens when I try to access them from Windows 10.

Click Start (Windows Icon) to bring up the menu.  On the right-hand side of the menu there are several icon.  I’ve located the Xbox Icon and clicked on it.

After waiting many seconds for it to load, it displays a screen saying “Here’s how you look on Xbox Live”.  It important to note, but I may not use it is: “You can update these later in the Xbox app > Settings”.  I’ve looked over the other options on the screen, now lets click “Let’s play!”

windows 10 xbox lets play

The Xbox app loads and displays the Home screen which has the activity feed and list of friends and recommends friends.

On the left-side of the screen, it has menu of options:

  • My games – show the games installed on the laptop
  • Messages – I have no messages
  • Activity alerts – Again, nothing
  • Achievements – basically shows the last games played
  • Games DVR – shows the games clips and screenshots
  • Store – opens the Microsoft Store (this maybe what I need to get my games to the laptop)

windows 10 microsoft store

Where oh where are my games?  They are not under Home, Apps, or Games.  Wait, there is my picture in a little circle, hiding next to the Search bar.  Let me click on my picture -> My Library.  There are my games.  Yay!  Let me click the download arrow next to the name on the right side and download them.

But, one game is missing.  I think I will just download it from the Store.  I clicked Games and since I know the name, I click the search bar and type the name in.  I found my game.  I guess the differences between this game and the other games is:  this game wants to be Installed instead of Downloaded and every time I play this game it connects to Xbox Live.

Nothing appears to be happening!  I will give it time and check back later.

It worked!  The games are on my laptop.  However, the only game that keep my progress was the one that logs into Xbox live.  I expected that to happen.

An icons for the games were not placed on the desktop.  To find my games I had to click Start -> All Apps and scroll to the list.  Alternatively, I could open the Xbox app.

For some reason, the game Candy Crush Saga was installed on this laptop.  To my knowledge I have never played this game on any Microsoft device.  I know million of people are addicted to this games, not I.  Therefore, I will be uninstalling it.  Locate the item in the Start Menu -> Right-click on it -> click Uninstall.

The adventure to be continued….

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