Audiobook Recommendation – January 2021

Wow, it’s been over a year since I made a list of the audiobooks that I have enjoyed. First, I saw where Dennis Taylor wrote a fourth book in the Bobverse series. Why? The third book wrapped everything up. I will listen to it, and if it is entertaining, I will put it on the next list.

Pixel Dust Series by David Petrie

  1. Party Hard
  2. Pyramid Game
  3. Auction of Souls

A Touch of Power Series by Jay Boyce

  1. Siphon
  2. Adapt
  3. Sense

Axe Druid Series by Christopher John

  1. Into the Light
  2. Into the Dragon’s Den
  3. Into the Hells
  4. Into the Darkness
  5. Into the Storm

Ascend Online by Luke Chmilenko

  1. Ascend Online
  2. Legacy of the Fallen
  3. Hell to Pay

Bibliomancer: Wolfman Warlock, Book 1 by James Hunter and Dakota Krout
Paige’s Story: The Fort Thomas Series, Book One by A. J. Bass
Will Destroy the Galazy for Cash by Yahtzee Croshaw

I haven’t listen to a lot of books this year, because I haven’t traveled much. I hope to do better this year.

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