Audiobook Recommendations January 2023

Wow! It’s been over a year since I recommended Audiobooks. My excuse, I’ve been busy moving to another State. When you move 800 miles away, if gives you a lot of driving time to listen to books.

Just a reminder, I don’t listen to self-help books or romance books; I listen to books that are entertaining, adventurous, and will keep me awake while I am driving. That is why my list consists of all LitRPG books. If you see me just sitting in a parking lot, it because the book has gotten really good and I waiting for it to get to the end of a chapter.

I spent a lot of time listening to books in the Divine Dungeon Series Artorian’s Archives, by Dennis Vanderkerken and Dakota Krout. I finished Book 6 (there are currently 13 books in the series) and was tired of Artorian. I decided to put that series on pause and branch out to other books. I am so glad I did. The adventures of the zombie Digby were entertaining and so was Rockland’s survival of the apocalypse.

Here is my list:

David Petrie

  • Ravenous: A Zombie Apocalypse – Book 1
  • Revenant: A Zombie Apocalypse – Book 2
  • Rend: A Zombie Apocalypse – Book 3
  • Ruin: A Zombie Apocalypse – Book 4

Ryan DeBruyn

  • Equalize: Ether Collapse – Book 1
  • Excise: Ether Collapse – Book 1
  • Earthdom: Ether Collapse – Book 1

John L. Monk

  • Underpowered Howard

Dakota Krout

  • Lord January: Year of the Sword – Book 1
  • Lady February: Year of the Sword – Book 2
  • Dokeshi March: Year of the Sword – Book 3
  • Invent: The Completionist Chronicles – Book 7
  • Implode: The Completionist Chronicles – Book 8
  • Anything: Full Murderhobo – Book 2

Christopher Johns

  • Crimson Queen: Mephisto’s Magic Online – Book 2
  • Aetherocalypse: Mephisto’s Magic Online – Book 3

Xander Boyce

  • Temper: Red Mage – Book 2
  • Fracture: Red Mage – Book 3

James Hunter and Dakota Krout

  • Libriohexer: Wolfman Warlock – Book 2

Sorry Jay Boyce and Ted Dekker your books didn’t make the list. Jay your book was a big let down from the first three books. Ted I am sure your book was well written and entertaining, but I just don’t remember much of it.

Audiobook Recommendation – August 2021

My list of recommended books for August 2021 is short than most because I am still not traveling long distances. I have noticed one distinct difference between Audiobook and Paperback books. Paperback books you always know when they are going to end. With Audiobooks, sometimes you get so into a book and when it ends, it comes at a complete surprise. This happened to me on several of these books.

One of the books this happened to me on was Mageblood: Mephisto’s Magic Online, Book 1, by Christopher Johns. I bow my head in shame that it took me over a year to start listening to Mageblood. It was an entertaining book. I have one major problem with it. It was something so unrealistic, I just could not believe the author put something like that in a book. How can the main character make a sandwich with leftover bacon? Leftover bacon does not exist in this world or any world.

Here is the list of my recommendations. They are not in any particular order:

Christopher Johns

  • Mageblood: Mephisto’s Magic Online, Book 1

Scott Meyers

  • Grand Theft Astro

Dakota Krout

  • Something: Full Murderhobo, Book 1
  • Inflame: The Completionist Chronicles, Book 6

Xander Boyce

  • Tallrock: A Fantasy LitRPG Adventure (Farming Livia, Book 1)

Luke Chmilenko

  • Glory to the Brave: Ascend Online, Book 4

Dennis E. Taylor

  • Heaven’s River: Bobiverse, Book 4 – This book was the weakest of all the books. But, I could have just been my issue. I could not get over how an author could end a book series, a big announcement it would be the last book, and then write another book. Note: It did make it on the list.

I borrowed the logo from Mountaindale Press for this post, because most of the books I have listened to in the past eight months have been published by Mountaindale Press. The logo was designed by on of their authors, which is so cool. When I looking for a new book, I look at books published by Mountaindale Press first. Every books I have listened that was published by them has been worth my time.

Audiobook Recommendation – January 2021

Wow, it’s been over a year since I made a list of the audiobooks that I have enjoyed. First, I saw where Dennis Taylor wrote a fourth book in the Bobverse series. Why? The third book wrapped everything up. I will listen to it, and if it is entertaining, I will put it on the next list.

Pixel Dust Series by David Petrie

  1. Party Hard
  2. Pyramid Game
  3. Auction of Souls

A Touch of Power Series by Jay Boyce

  1. Siphon
  2. Adapt
  3. Sense

Axe Druid Series by Christopher John

  1. Into the Light
  2. Into the Dragon’s Den
  3. Into the Hells
  4. Into the Darkness
  5. Into the Storm

Ascend Online by Luke Chmilenko

  1. Ascend Online
  2. Legacy of the Fallen
  3. Hell to Pay

Bibliomancer: Wolfman Warlock, Book 1 by James Hunter and Dakota Krout
Paige’s Story: The Fort Thomas Series, Book One by A. J. Bass
Will Destroy the Galazy for Cash by Yahtzee Croshaw

I haven’t listen to a lot of books this year, because I haven’t traveled much. I hope to do better this year.

Audiobooks Recommendations – October 2019

It’s time again for my audio books recommendations.  However, this time I doing something a little different.   Since my last recommendations, I have primarily listened to books published by Mountaindale Press.  With a few exceptions.

Why have I concentrated on books published by Mountaindale Press?  Well, I have trouble finding good books.  I really enjoyed Dakota Krout’s Divine Dungeon Book Series, so I decided that I would give other books by Mountaindale Press a listen.  So, far I all of their books have been enjoyable and entertaining.  Below is the list of books, I have completed.  They are all awesome in their own way.

  • Dungeon Born: Divine Dungeon Series, Book 1 – Dakota Krout
  • Dungeon Madness: Divine Dungeon Series, Book 2 – Dakota Krout
  • Dungeon Calamity: Divine Dungeon Series, Book 3 – Dakota Krout
  • Dungeon Desolation: Divine Dungeon Series, Book 4 – Dakota Krout
  • Ritualist: Completionist Chronicles, Book 1 – Dakota Krout
  • Regicide: The Completionist Chronicles Series, Book 2 – Dakota Krout
  • Into the Light: Axe Druid, Book 1 – Christopher Johns

  • Into the Dragon’s Den, Book 2 – Christopher Johns

  • Advent, Red Mage, Book 1 – Xander Boyce

  • Siphon, A Touch of Power, Book 1 – Jay Boyce
  • Adapt, A Touch of Power, Book 2 – Jay Boyce
  • Party Hard, Pixel Dust, Book 1 – David Petrie

Books I have enjoyed from other publishers:

  • The Vexed Generation: Magic 2.0, Book 6 – Scott Meyer

I would like say I am ready from the next books in these series, but I have at least four books waiting for a listen.  However, when the next books in these series are published, they will probably be moved to the top of the list.

Thanks, Mountaindale Press @Mountaindale, for making my 1100 miles road trips entertaining.

Audiobook Recommendation – May 2019

It has been seven months since I’ve updated my audiobook recommendation list.  Most of the books I have listened to during that time were written by Dakota Krout.  If you like RPG books, you will enjoy these books. So, a shout goes out to Dakota Krout for a job well done, okay six jobs well done.  My only dilemma is where to put them in the list, and which series was better.  I love the Bobiverse series and the Magic 2.0 series.

Below is my updated list of book recommendations.

  • The Ocean at the End of the Lane: A Novel – Neil Gaiman
  • We Are Legion (We Are Bob), Bobiverse, Book 1 – Dennis Taylor
  • For We Are Many, Bobiverse, Book 2 – Dennis Taylor
  • All These Worlds, Bobiverse, Book 3 – Dennis Taylor
  • Mogworld – Yahtzee Croshaw
  • 14 – Peter Clines
  • The Fold – Peter Clines
  • Paradox Bound – Peter Clines
  • Differently Morphous – Yahtzee Croshaw
  • The Authorities – Scott Meyer
  • Run Program – Scott Meyer
  • Ritualist: Completionist Chronicles, Book 1 – Dakota Krout
  • Regicide: The Completionist Chronicles Series, Book 2 – Dakota Krout
  • Off To Be a Wizard: Magic 2.0 – Scott Meyer
  • Hacker, The Outlaw Chronicles – Ted Dekker
  • Spell or High Water: Magic 2.0, Book 2 – Scott Meyer
  • An Unwelcome Quest: Magic 2.0, Book 3 – Scott Meyer
  • Fight and Flight: Magic 2.0, Book 4 – Scott Meyer
  • Out of Spite, Out of Mind: Magic 2.0, Book 5   – Scott Meyer
  • Dungeon Born: Divine Dungeon Series, Book 1 – Dakota Krout
  • Dungeon Madness: Divine Dungeon Series, Book 2 – Dakota Krout
  • Dungeon Calamity: Divine Dungeon Series, Book 3 – Dakota Krout
  • Dungeon Desolation: Divine Dungeon Series, Book 4 – Dakota Krout
  • The Passage, Book 1 – Justin Cronin
  • The Twelve (The Passage Trilogy),  Book 2 – Justin Cronin
  • The City of Mirrors (The Passage Trilogy),  Book 3 – Justin Cronin
  • Anansi Boys – Neil Gaiman
  • Master of Formalities – Scott Meyer
  • The Graveyard – Neil Gaiman
  • Will Save the Galaxy for Food – Yahtzee Croshaw
  • Jam – Yahtzee Croshaw
  • The Time Keeper – Mitch Albom
  • Forbidden, The Book of Mortal, Book 1 – Ted Dekker and Tosca Lee
  • Mortal, The Book of Mortal, Book 2 – Ted Dekker and Tosca Lee
  • Sovereign, The Book of Mortal, Book 3 – Ted Dekker and Tosca Lee
  • Run Program – Scott Meyer
  • Black: Book One, The Birth of Evil – Ted Dekker
  • Red: Book Two, The Heroic Rescue – Ted Dekker
  • White: Book Three, The Great Pursuit – Ted Dekker
  • The Junkie Quatrain – Peter Clines
  • Dead Men Can’t Complain and Other Stories – Peter Clines
  • I Can Only Imagine: A Memior – Bart Millard

Sorry, Neil Gaiman but Good Omens will not be making on this list.  The book failed to hold my attention.  I kept getting distracted by other things like traffic lights.  However, I will watch the TV series when it comes out.