Oreo Cream Cups

I did take pictures. I can now share my recipe. I came up with this recipe after spending hours looking at numerous recipes for different goodies ideas.



  1. Place large mixing bowl in freeze for at least 1 hour.
  2. Place Fillo Pastry Shells on a cookie sheet and bake according to the directions on the box. Let cool completely.
  3. Place 3 Oreo Cookies in a Ziplock bag and beat into fine crumbs. I use my meat mallet.
  4. When pastry shells are cool: Place 1/2 cup of chocolate morsels in shallow microwaveable bowl and place in microwave for 30 seconds. Stir, microwave for 15 seconds and repeat until chocolate is smooth.
  5. Dip each pastry shell tops into chocolate. Let chocolate harden.
  6. Remove mixing bowl from freeze and add heavy whipping cream. Beat on high.
  7. Slowly had one box of Oreo Pudding to heavy whipping cream and continue to beat on high. Scrap bowl occasionally.
  8. Add vanilla extract. Beat on high until mixture in forms stiff peaks and can hold its shape. It should be the constituency of icing.
  9. Place part of the mixture in Ziplock bag. Cut of a tip of Ziplock bag and pipe the mixture into each pastry shell.
  10. Sprinkle Oreo crumbs on top of each pastry shell.

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