Earthling Comic – Issue 1

Earthling Issue 1

This is the first issue of my 3D comic, made in Tinkercad, that I am calling Earthling. Click on the link above to see the comic in 3D. Here are some pictures of the comic. All items in the comic were created by me, except for the grass.

Note: The AR Viewer on the IPad was used to capture the images.

Other issues will be forthcoming as I have time to develop them.

3 thoughts on “Earthling Comic – Issue 1

  1. Dear SarahCath, I have a TinkerCAD account and also I saw your designs. I love your designs better than anyone else’s. I also saw you like many of my designs. Thank you for liking my designs! P. S. I am now working on a butterfly bedroom, and when I can make it public [maybe a few days later] I invite you to check it out and copy if you like. Also, I made a gift for you, just for you, thanking you for the tutorial to make a hot air balloon, psst, the gift is my hot air balloon! Please reply!- Amelia Yen [ TinkerCAD name: Shining Ameythst]

      • Hi! I just saw your reply SarahCath! I’m Amelia. I decided to tell you about my WordPress account! My blog is named Mia’s Nature Blog and I’m also a christian as you may tell by my first bible verse typed at home of my blog. Code: Type it and press enter, then you’ll arrive at my blog. I hope you have time to check it out as well as my TinkerCAD account. – Amelia

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