Ravensburger North American Skyline Puzzle Review


I purchased the Ravensburger North American Skyline puzzle to put together, with my husband, over the Fourth of July weekend.  I selected the puzzle because the picture was beautiful and it had 3000 pieces.  Most of the puzzles I could purchase locally only went up to 1000 pieces and those would have been done in a few hours.  I was looking forward to this puzzle adventure, because we hadn’t put a puzzle together in at least a decade.

My husband gave up on the puzzle before the border was mostly completed stating that he was having trouble telling a difference between the colors on the pieces.  Yes, I was having a little trouble too, but I pressed on.  The border wasn’t completed until most of the puzzle was done, because those last few border pieces liked hiding.

The next challenge I experienced was telling the top part of the puzzle from the bottom part of the puzzle.  They both looked a lot like, almost identical.  The only difference was the bottom pieces usually had lines on them to indicate water.  I ended up separating the top pieces from the bottom pieces.  And, yes those few border pieces were still hiding.

What was suppose to be a three day adventure ended up being a three months adventure.   Ok, I travel some, about 3 weeks, during those three months and some days I only worked on it a few minutes and other days I didn’t work on it at all.


This puzzle ended up being extremely challenging.   If you moved a puzzle piece two inches away, it usually changed colors.  A lot of pieces were different shades of blue, but it didn’t matter.  Even the light blues appeared dark blue during the process.  The pieces fit together very well.  Still I think I will avoid Ravensburger puzzles in the future.

2 thoughts on “Ravensburger North American Skyline Puzzle Review

  1. Ravensburgers are a very high quality puzzle but you just happened to choose an incredibly challenging one. There is usually much better color distinction with pieces. i can usually finish a 1,000 pc Ravensburger in about 6-7 hours.

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