Railroad Town Saloon

The next building I designed for my Railroad Town and the Saloon. I now had the Train Station were people disembark, these people needed some place to relax. I decided to design some of the interior of the Saloon. It needed tables and chairs, a bar, and a player piano.

The horse was export as a STL and imported into this design. I changed it color to black.

The Player Piano has all 88 keys.

9 thoughts on “Railroad Town Saloon

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    • When I decided I wanted to create a Piano for my railroad town, I researched pianos. I looked at a lot of pictures before I had the exact design I wanted. A piano, like most designs, has some basic features, such as a keyboard with 88 keys. If you just capture some of the basic features, it will give it a detail appearance. Example: You can’t make a face without eyes and a mouth, but you can sometimes leave off the nose and ears.

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