Art of Concentration: Day 11

Today’s Art of Concentration experiment did not go well.  Not well at all.  Below is the line drawing.  It is a nice line drawing made up of spirals, or swirls, or curls, whatever you would like to call them.

AofC swirls and curls

It is impossible to use only two colors in the drawing and still follow the rules.  Using three colors is possible, but difficult.  Spiral are meant to be continuous.

The Art of Concentration rules are:

  1. Draw lines on a page.  Straight line, squiggly lines, circles, squares, triangles, stars, it does not matter.
  2. Color every other section.  Start anywhere.  Use any color.  Typical you will only have a black pen, or a pencil, those are fine.
  3. If you desire, use multiple colors.  Sections of the same color can not touch.

The colored drawing came out nice, but there were several restarts.  That is what is good with coloring on the computer.

AofC swirls and curls color 1

PDF version of the line drawing created in Corel Draw is available for download on the Coloring Page or you can click here.

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