Art of Concentration: Day 12

Another spiral!  Why?  Because figuring things out, what works and doesn’t work is fun.  I have fun drawing spirals and making something of them.

Below is today’s line drawing:

AofC another spiral

I learned that using two colors with at line drawing was impossible.  Three colors would be difficult, not impossible, but fun. The first approach to coloring the line drawing was to color the individual square (or four point stars) with a different set of colors, but still following the rules.

The Art of Concentration rules are:

  1. Draw lines on a page.  Straight line, squiggly lines, circles, squares, triangles, stars, it does not matter.
  2. Color every other section.  Start anywhere.  Use any color.  Typical you will only have a black pen, or a pencil, those are fine.
  3. If you desire, use multiple colors.  Sections of the same color can not touch.

AocC another spiral color 2

You probably did not notice, but I tried to use a pattern for the colors.  Here is the pattern I choose for the second color drawing.  It is easier to show you than explain.

AofC color example one

The vertical and horizontal pattern was: pink, blue, and white.  Picking a pattern, made it easier to color without having the same color sections touching.

The results:

AocC another spiral color 1

With the hand drawing, I used the four colors: pink, blue, purple and gray, and changed to a darker color as it got closer to the center.


Around the Spiral

You can download a PDF version of the line drawing from the Coloring Page, or click here.

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